2020 Retrospective

The Vice Chairman has had a love affair with Chinese money for decades. But after leaving the office of Vice President in 2017, The Vice Chairman became heavily involved in raising money for the University of Pennsylvania. The Vice Chairman gathered over $240 million from Eurasian countries, predominantly China and Russia as well as middle eastern countries. Most notoriously, The Vice Chairman secured a reported $70 million for the Biden School. This was not altruism. The Vice Chairman received between $3 to $4 million from U Penn for 'consulting'. Aiding The Vice Chairman was Antony J Blinken (our now Secretary of State), who served as The Vice Chairman's bag man.  

Since gaining the office of President, The Vice Chairman has talked tough but rolled over to Chinese interests. Obama was right when he said we "shouldn’t underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f**k things up". Unfortunately the state of our country – and by extension the world – is proof of that. Many of The Vice Chairman's decisions and Executive Orders (EOs) have degraded the US interests and benefited if not actively promoted Chinese positions.

If one assumes that the job of a Manchurian president would be to weaken the USA, one would be hard pressed to argue that The Vice Chairman hasn't done as much as possible to weaken the economy, the military and undermine the social order. The Vice Chairman's regime has discarded America's energy independence through a series of EOs and promulgation of restrictive regulations. These increase dependence on authoritarian regimes, such as Venezuela and middle eastern suppliers of hydrocarbons.

Implementation of the 'Green New Deal' and resumption of the Paris Climate Accords will cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars. The Accords are expected to cost between $100  Trillion  and $150  Trillion , with USA paying a large share of that amount. The Green New Deal will cost  trillions  more, with negligible affect on the climate.

Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) -- what we'll need if engaged in heavy conflict -- is at a decades low because the Vice Chairman wanted to 'look good' for the mid-terms. Have you ever considered what it will take to replenish the reserve? The average cost per barrel of oil in the SPR has been estimated at $29.70. Round to $30 per barrel. Now assume that the SPR has to be replenished. Currently (September 2022) oil is trading at $85 to $95 per barrel. Make our numbers easy and say the SPR can be replenished at $80 per barrel. The Vice Chairman's administration says that they are releasing between 180 million and 240 million barrels of oil. Let's say that the number is 200 million barrels at $50 per barrel. That's a cool $10 billion dollars that will be needed to replace what the Vice Chairman released. You're going to pay for it. And did you hear? Some of the released petroleum is going to China - at discount prices. And, yeah, the same Chinese energy company that Hunter works with is brokering the deal.  

The Vice Chairman's implementation of 'diversity equity and inclusion' (DEI) EOs have been cited as reasons for falling military recruitment and retention. Compounding the fall in readiness are EOs regarding vaccinations which are also cited as reasons for decreased retention (especially pilots) and an increase in medical disability of active duty members.

Even the Afghan pull-out was conducted in such disarray that it can only be seen to benefit China with removal of US control of the Bagram air base. Under US control it had tremendous strategic importance, in the event of conflict. Now, China has taken over Bagram and has free entry to Afghanistan and its rare earth trove of minerals. Not to mention the $82 billion in equipment that fell to the Taliban.

The Vice Chairman's support of the Ukraine has depleted USA stores of ammunition, rockets and weaponry that would be needed in case of conflict. There is no plan to replace the depleted resources or even maintain inflation ravaged budgets. And who's going to get the benefit of rebuilding the Ukraine? Why the Chairman's country -- China! The contracts are already being let.

The Vice Chairman is promoting class warfare with social agendas such as ESG; CRT; DEI and defunding critical public safety budgets. His political rants are divisive. If you're conservative, the Vice Chairman considers you a "semifascist" "white supremacist'" "terrorist". Isn't that the language of unity?

And could the fact that most of the Fentanyl smuggled across the southern border have anything thing to do with the Vice Chairman's immigration policies? It's reported to be a $500 billion / year enterprise. Wonder if the 'Big Guy' gets 10%.

The Vice Chairman has served his Chairman Xi well. China's investment was well spent  – in benefiting China.

Don't expect legacy media to disclose the Bidens' activities.  Read:
    US Military under attack - Generals warn of the Swan Takeover     
     The Rise of Wokeness in the Military     
     Biden’s China policy report card reveals much room for improvement     
     Biden’s China policy report card reveals much room for improvement      
     Reports: UPenn’s Biden Center got $70 million from China since April 2018     
     Investigation Demanded: Biden Center Got Over $70 Million In Questionable China Donations     
     The Biden Institut will not disclose its donors, report     
     Report: Biden Center at UPenn Under Scrutiny Over $70 Million from China Since 2017     
     Military Recruitment Woes Endanger National Security     
     Ukraine War Is Depleting U.S. Ammunition Stockpiles, Sparking Pentagon Concern     
     Military Recruitment Woes Endanger National Security    
     The US military is running low on ammo after sending so much to Ukraine     
     Biden’s Ambassador to China Has a Deeply Troubling History     


The Bidens: Inside the First Family's Fifty-Year Rise to Power  
                                             Book by Ben Schreckinger (2021)


Ipsism is not alone --

UPDATE: NEWT GINGRICH (10/4/22, interview on "Mornings with Maria"): "Well, I mean, everything we've heard about the way the Hunter Biden laptop has been handled. Every effort to explain what the various terms like "the big guy" mean, you have purely and simply historians will conclude, the most corrupt president in American history. You have basically a crime family, and you have them dealing with foreign governments in Ukraine. The mayor of Moscow's widow who sent $3 million. Russian influences, massive Chinese influences."

President Biden’s green energy policy is "directly or indirectly out to harm consumers,"

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The Big Guy gets half

The Big Guy Gets Half!

While some documents state that the 'Big Guy' gets 10% off the top,
Hunter has complained that he has to give half of his income to his father.