It`s Time to WIN

First published 03 Jul 2006


More important than winning the hearts and minds of the Middle-East is to break the spirit of an eighth century culture thriving on superstition and sophist rhetoric.
  • Only the President has the power of the bully pulpit.
  • The President can be the fiercest warrior against terrorism by rebutting al-Qeada demigods.

It`s time for the President to lead the US to victory in Iraq and the war against terrorism. As Commander in Chief, only he can use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to break the morale of the terrorists. It is time for the President to speak out against bin Laden and other al-Qeada leaders.
This is not to criticize the President for his management of programs to root out the threat. If nothing else, the security leaks of recent months show that the President remains determined to militate the terrorist threats posed against the USA.

This is a call to action; a call for the President to go public. At a time when UBL and his subordinates and surrogates barrage the peoples of the world with their propaganda, the President remains silent. UBL`s statements embolden his followers into a belief that UBL`s cause is just and his praise justifies their martyrdom.

The war against terror is not being waged against rational sophisticates of the twenty-first century. It is being waged against an eighth century culture that has no value for life outside of their immediate family. No value for anyone outside of their narrow sect of belief. It is a culture which sees honor in suicide bombings as a path to the glory of their vision of heaven. It is a people who buy videos of decapitated infidels and revel in the recorded desecration of their remains. People who squeal with delight at every forced gush of infidel blood. There is no contrary voice to challenge the utterings of their al-Qeada demigods.

Mr. President, you have to be that voice deriding and diminishing the image of al-Qeada. For several years, you have shown a quiet reserve while the UBL`s have advocated violence. You have been personified as the great Satan that they wish to destroy. You have been the object of their hatred, the person that their religion will destroy. They have likened you to a crusader, the symbol of their oppressors.

Your advisors have doubtless told you that the Coalition Forces must win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Indeed, the hearts and minds of Moslems worldwide. It hasn`t worked, Mr. President. You are aware of the polls deriding the USA. You call them absurd, and you are right. Nevertheless, they should show you that your current advisors do not have the answer to enhancing public perception of the USA and the war on terrorism.

The eighth century culture that is waging war respects only power. They have seen the USA turn and leave in Beirut and Somalia. They thrive on the perception of American weakness. They are emboldened by their own rhetoric. It is time for you to speak out, to buttress our forces and to break the spirit and beliefs of that enemy culture. It is the propaganda of this war, the propaganda that only you can deliver. YOU must dispel the propaganda that the almighty is on the side of al-Qeada.

Mr President, you need to challenge the rantings of UBL and al-Qeada sophists. Announce to the world that
  • UBL is a pusillanimous troglodyte, hiding in holes, afraid to show his face.
  • Mohammed did not hide from his enemies, why does bin Laden?
  • Bush doesn`t hide from bin Laden, why does bin Laden hide from Bush?
  • al-Zarqawi had no honor, that he was a cowardly butcher who could only perform his deeds because he had many men hold down the singular victims that he beheaded.
  • al-Zarqawi was afraid to enter into one-on-one combat with his victims.
  • It was the will of the almighty that allowed the Coalition Forces to crush al-Zarqawi like a bug.
  • When al-Zarqawi saw coalition forces, he tried to turn and run away.
  • al-Zarqawi was not a martyr but a mongrel and a thug.
  • al-Qeada leaders are hypocrites who trade on the name of the almighty to bamboozle Iraqis.
  • That the remains of suicide bombers are going to be given Pershing burials* with pigs entrails - and then DO IT.
  • By the will of the almighty, al-Zarqawi is dead and Bush lives.
Make your pronouncements weekly, not once or sporadically. Your speech writers will undoubtedly find grist for this mill.

Yes, the left wing and al-Qeada sympathizers are going to berate your actions and say that you aren`t being civilized. Ask them to justify the torture, dismemberment and beheadings of living victims suffered at the hands of those that they would defend. They will say that it will make the Moslem world hate the USA. The absurdity of polls already shows how shallow that argument is, not worthy of your consideration. It is better for Americans to suffer the derision of the dilitantes than to lie in graves at the hands of terrorists. Your goal is to stop terrorist threat and preserve the safety of American life. That is well worth the harangues of a left wing fringe. It worked for Mr. Reagan and it will work for you.

By your words and deeds, you will break the morale of that superstitious culture which believes UBL. By directly refuting his words and showing that your words carry the force of reality, you will break their spirit. By showing that the almighty does not condone the slaughter of the defenseless, you will show that their leaders are charlatans, sacrificing their people`s lives for their leaders` aggrandizement. You will demonstrate that suicide bombs are not a path to glory and heaven but a path to disgrace and an eternity spent with swine.

* After General Pershing and his resolution of the 1918 Moro uprising in the Philippines.


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