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First published 11 Jun 2006



Presidente Jorge Vicente Walker Fox-Bush gave the first inaugural address of The New United States of Amexica, giving his vision of how a unified continent will survive in a one government world.

  • La Raza: Inception To Supremacy In 106 Years
  • New Capital To Locate In San Diego, Mexifornia
  • New Currency To Honor Enabling Fathers
  • Open Door Literacy Initiative: Hable Espa�ol O Salida
  • D�a De La Raza Or Day Of The Race Changed To May First.

Presidente Jorge Vicente Walker Fox-Bush, La Raza Nuevo Estados Unidos de Am�rica Party (LaRaNEUA), gave the first inaugural address of the new continent nation, the United States of Amexica. Presidente Fox-Bush emphasized the goals of the Nuevo USA: To share, disburse and distribute our services, resources, knowledge and skills to our community, visitors and broader human family with all dignity for their individuality, needs and condition. To do so creatively with warmth, cultural sensitivity, fairness, enthusiasm, compassion, honesty, and optimism in all areas of work. Presidente Fox-Bush declares that the revolutionary alternative that changed old power structures, realized economic democracy and fostered spiritual and cultural growth has become a reality. Re-education of Raza, control of our communities and a commitment to our families are essential values to our self-determination. Nuevo USA belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans. ... We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada

Presidente Fox-Bush`s address drew from: El Centro de la Raza; The New Partido Nacional La Raza Unida; ``El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan`` (The Spiritual Plan for Aztlan)
La Raza: Inception to Supremacy in 106 Years

Presidente Fox-Bush, the first Latino President of the former United States of America, praised the founders of La Raza, noting the progress that the party made in only 106 years since its founding in 1973. La Raza started as a small organization with big ideas to take control of a giant land. Through a militant attitude of promoting one race, heavily lobbying the old Congress and a constant demand for ever increasing Hispanic rights, La Raza succeeded by accusing opponents of being racist and bigoted. La Raza`s use of a compassionate, sensitive press was brilliant in disparaging any who attempted to stem the tide of an increasingly proud Hispanic movement.

Presidente Fox-Bush`s sweeping electoral victory in the 2076 elections of the former USA was a direct result of La Raza`s efforts and the `Open Door Migrant Workers` Program` instituted by Presidente Fox-Bush`s grandfathers, George W. Bush and Vicente Fox-Quesada. Presidente Fox-Bush led a slate of Hispanic candidates who took control of the Executive Branch and both legislative branches of Congress.

Having the two-thirds majority, La Raza Nuevo Estados Unidos de Am�rica Party (LaRaNEUA) quickly ratified the treaties that resulted in uniting the former countries of Canada, the United States of America and the United States of Mexico into one continental nation, the Nuevo United States of Amexica.

New Capital to be located in San Diego

Following the Anglo riots of 2078, the Capitol, Washington, DC, was felt to be so devastated and blood stained to be unusable. Besides, the local population was not predominately Hispanic and it was decided by Presidente Fox-Bush that a move of the new nation`s capital to a location with a more culturally deserving character would be beneficial. San Diego, in the new province of Mexifornia, was selected as the most culturally sensitive city, not Black, not White but a beautiful 99% Bronze. Besides, San Diego isn`t cluttered with all of those monuments to dead Anglos.

Moving to San Diego means that La Raza legislators don`t have to be reminded of pasty Euro Descendants who created the racist, bigoted, blood thirsty, capitalistic former United States of America. All La Raza can agree that the sooner that power is transferred to the pueblos, the better our people will be.


Currency Honors Enabling Fathers

Presidente Fox-Bush unveiled the currency for a new nation. It honors the enabling fathers of the Nuevo USA. While many had said that George Walker Bush enabled the internal decay of America, that defamation was only uttered by the bigoted European descendants who attempted to subjugate a proud bronze people. Now that La Raza has taken control, we recognize George W. Bush as the first Latino President, puro de coraz�n, even if he was a pasty Anglo.
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Open Door Policy

Presidente Fox-Bush`s `Open Door Literacy Initiative: Hable Espa�ol O Salida` has been hailed as one giant step to transfer power to the pueblos. The enormous cost of publishing all documents in the increasingly archaic and little used English will save La Raza billions every year. Billions that will go to the pueblos! Presidente Fox-Bush wisely recognized that to be unified, a nation needs one language. A language of the pueblos, a culturally rich language of simplicity and beauty, not a complicated and confusing guttural language such as English. The obvious choice is our beautiful Spanish.

Presidente Fox-Bush`s `Open Door Literacy Initiative: Hable Espa�ol O Salida` will accomplish these goals. Everyone has cinco years to learn Spanish. Those who do not wish to comply have a simple alternative: Salida - Exit. Go back to Europe, you filthy Anglos!

D�a de la Raza Changed

Presidente Fox-Bush has issued an Executive Order, changing D�a de la Raza or Day of the Race from October 12th to May 1st. The change is to honor those brave individuals who demonstrated in the May 1, 2006 protests.

Presidente Fox-Bush said ``Three score and thirteen years ago, our forefathers brought forth to this land a new entitlement. That borders should be open, that migration to find a better job is a right, not a privilege. We engaged in a great civil strife testing whether the Anglos or any such nation, could deny us work. They could not. They did not. We are now in control. This land is our land. No longer shall we bow to the capitalist Europeans who stole our wealth, it is now ours. We celebrate the courage of our ancestors, demonstrating against a people and their land in a time of war, attempting to shut down commerce and industry to show that our will is supreme. And, while the Anglos and Europeans were fighting in the middle east, our ancestors seized the opportunity to ravish that nation, if only for a day. It demonstrated the pride of our people, even if it didn`t achieve its goal of stopping the economy. The naive Anglos didn`t realize that they were giving entitlements to our ancestors who continued to openly pledge their allegiance to our homeland, Mexico. The Anglos thought that we wanted to be part of them, to assimilate. How stupid!

So, it is fitting and proper that we honor them and their day for all time. It is surely a day that Columbus would have shared with his legacy and would have willingly changed from October 12th to May 1st. Viva Mexico, ... er, Viva Amexica!``


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