Words Matter?


  • As a presidential candidate, Mr Obama responded to critics of his soaring rhetoric and base plagiarism by saying that he and his friends share ideas and words. And words matter!
  • At the time, Ipsism pointed out that WORDS really DON`T MATTER. That what matter are the underlying ideas. It is the ideals, which are represented by words, that matter. It is ideas and ideals that trascend languages and words. The words love and peace may have no meaning to someone who only speaks Cantonese. Their words to express love and peace will be different.
  • Two and a half years in office have justified Ipsism. Mr. Obama`s lies, half-truths and deceptions, all perpetrated with words, prove that words don`t matter when spoken by a liar.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Mr. Obama came under scrutiny by both Republican and Democrat contenders saying that Mr. Obama`s soaring rhetoric had no basis in reality; and that he was purposefully misleading American voters by making promises that were unworkable. That if attempts were made to enact Obama`s promises, the results would be financial calamity for the United States. Specifically, when Mrs. Clinton was asked why she wasn`t putting forth similar campaign promises, she replied, ``I`ve got millions of ideas - but the country can`t afford them!`` That didn`t stop Barry. The American voter accepted Barry at his word, because Barry told them that words matter. Barry was speaking the words that they waned to hear. Elegant words spoken with passion. Everyone just knew that Barry was giving voice to their ideals. Mr Obama even commented that he was a blank slate upon which everyone could pen their own perceptions.

Mr. Obama was also criticized for using the words of other campaigners. That resulted in Barry standing with his friend, the Governor of Massachusetts, and saying that they collaborated frequently so it was OK if they took each others words. This was the press conference where Barry told us that words matter. That no one could say that words didn`t matter. Barry threw a few a few phrases to intimidate the mere mortals campaigning against him - `We the people`, `I have a dream!` - and a liberal press fell to the ground in adulation.

And Barry knew that he was golden. Being mulatto didn`t matter because he was golden -- The Yellow Rose of Liberal Media. As much prized as the beautiful and fabled Yellow Rose of Texas. So Barry talked -- actually read from the TelePrompTer -- and the beautiful words continued to send tingles up the legs of liberal media.

And then Barry was Mr. President! Surely, Barry`s words represented the full faith and credibility of the office of the President of the United States of America. Uh, nope. The President`s Press Secretary, the man who speaks for the President, informed us that the President`s words have an expiration date. No, we can`t know in advance how long the words are going to last. They last as long as is convenient for Barry. So much for words mattering. When words can be discarded so conveniently, they have no value. No value other than to bamboozle and dupe those who believed they had value when first spoken.

There is an old expression, yes, just words, ``If justice depends upon whose ox is gored, there is no justice.`` If you don`t understand what that means, you are a prime candidate to drink Barry`s Koolaid.

Remember when Barry said that he had created or saved so many jobs -- yet unemployment continued to rise? That`s like counting the number of winning hands you had in the poker game where you went bankrupt.

And how about Barry complaining about the inflexibility and gridlock of the non-Obamaites. While he pontificates about shared sacrifice, did he pay any taxes on this $1.5 Nobel prize? NO! Not a single dime. It`s easy for Barry to say your excrement stinks but mine doesn`t. After all, they`re only words and these may even express how Barry really feels.

Let`s look at one of Barry`s favorite words, ``fair``. In the election debates, Mr. Obama said that he would not lower capital gains rates, even if lowering the rates resulted in increased revenue. Barry said it was a matter of ``fairness`. Yet Barry derides those who say that raising taxes are counter productive to the economy. Words only matter to Barry when he wants them to be significant. In the context of Barry`s Liberation theology* being fair means `stickin it to the man`. And Barry has told us that the man is a grey eyed devil. Figure out from there who Barry wants to stick it to. Remember, these are Barry`s words, not Ipsism`s. We are but making an observation

Can`t believe that this is the ideatiion of Barry? Think back to one of the early press conferences where his administration boasted that they were going to `stick it to the man` apparently not realizing that the President of the United States is the ultimate `man`. Barry`s upbringing taught him to be iconoclastic for the sake of iconoclasm. Regardless of the privileges which Barry enjoyed, he was taught to hate other bourgeois who enjoyed privileges.

Now, when Barry speaks of shared sacrifice; fair share; or balanced solution, he`s still stickin it to the man. Because words don`t really matter to Barry. Just like the smile that hides a visage of hate (hey, read his book, that`s what he said!) Barry uses words to have you believe what makes you happy while disguising his true motives. Yes, you elected a liar whose words are only tools: deceptions that never voice his true beliefs and motives.

If you re-elect him, you deserve what you get. And those are words that DO matter.

*No, that`s not racist; it`s a matter of fact. Barry spent twenty years in a church professing Liberation Theology; he and Michele both spoke of the virtues of NOT being part of the middle class (which, in Liberation Theology, is a form of economic slavery). Barry`s books taught of the evils of the grey-eyed devils who could feed the starving of Africa with the scraps from their cruise ships. He even spoke these word in his audio book. Is it really racist to cite Barry`s own words? Or is it a suspension of disbelief to refuse to believe that Barry actually meant what he wrote and spoke? Do words matter? Again, only when they express the underlying ideas and ideals of the the publisher.

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