Biden finally said something true -

Yes, it's true. ‘If Republicans win, inflation’s going to get worse’. But, what Joe didn't tell you is that inflation’s going to get worse, no matter who wins. It's a matter of degree. Republicans will not be able to stop inflation's momentum. Two years of Joe and the Democrats has seen to that.

The Oxford Dictionary describes momentum as: the impetus gained by a moving object. Joe and the Dems have given plenty of impetus to inflation with run-a-way spending. A $2.7 Trillion Federal deficit for fiscal year 2022 added to more than $3 Trillion budget deficit for 2021. Add that to the attack on the petro-chemical industry (fossil fuels), increasing regulations, reducing leasing and permitting and mandating the destruction of a large portion of petroleum's customer base in a few years (electric vehicle mandate beginning in 2030 with no new cars to be built with internal combustion engines). Most importantly, the US is currently trapped in a wage-price spiral. Increasing minimum wages and accelerated reactionary wage demands lead to more consumer purcahing power chasing a stable or shrinking supply. No one and no party is going to be able to stop or reverse these conditions without concerted efforts directed at each condition. So things are going to be bad with Republican control under a Biden veto pen but much worse with Democrat control where each of these conditions will be intentionally worsened by a Democrat juggernaut.

Energy is the life blood of every industrialized economy. When an economy is made anemic, the first thing that you see is energy prices increasing. It's basic economics: supply and demand. Then, everything else increases in price, again, supply and demand. Energy is used in every step of manufacturing, transportation, delivery and consumption. The increased cost of every step is not just additive but multiplicative. By the last step, the final cost is not simply an addition of the initial cost of energy production but has escalated by a multiple of the original increase.

Even if Republicans garner majorities in both the House and Senate, it's unlikely that they will have a supermajority in both chambers of Congress. Without supermajorities, they will be unable to override Joe's veto of any corrective legislation that the next Congress may pass. So, the best that can be hoped for is that Republicans slow the impetus that's already been set in motion by Joe and the Dems. It will require new leadership in the Executive branch before any real relief can be expected.

If the Democrats gain unbridled rein of legislative branches in November, 2022, they will gleefully join Joe in destroying the prosperity of America by further accelerating Federal spending and waging war on 'fossil fuels' as Joe has promised time and again. And inflation's impetus will be accelerated, pedal to the metal.

So, Joe is right. But it's a lie by omission. Joe's not telling the whole truth. Just like Joe saying that he cut the deficit, It doesn't mean that Joe balanced the budget. Joe doesn't tell you that this year's deficit is $2.7 Trillion, one of the largest on record. The whole truth is -- If Republicans win, inflation’s going to get worse but if you elect Joe's Democratic minions, inflation's going to get a whole lot worse for a whole lot longer.

Ever wonder why the Government is so willing to run deficits and increase the national debt? Because the debt is too large to be paid off. The Government needs inflation to devalue the dollar so they can pay the debt with cheaper dollars. They just don't want you to be aware of what's happening. They want a slow boil so you won't jump out of the pot. A high inflation rate will make you aware that they are stealing your money by making it less valuable. That's why we're no longer on a gold standard and the dollar is not backed by anything other than the 'full faith and credit' of the US Government. As long as the Federal Government controls the currency and gradually devalues it through inflation, we'll sit in the pot and be boiled rather than jumping out and revolting.

If you've got too much money, vote for the Dems. They'll make sure that you don't have too much money very long. If you don't have too much money, it's in your self interest to "Dump The Dems". Sooner, rather than later.

...don't say that I didn't warn you.

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