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Did you know –

Global warming / climate change worshipers blame the increase in atmospheric carbon on man-made – anthropogenic (an thro po gen ic) – exhaust of carbon (CO2, methane, and other hydrocarbons), as if anthropogenic carbon is the only source of amospheric carbon. But anthropogenic carbon is only 3% to 7% of total atmospheric carbon. Natural causes of atmospheric carbon (decay, ants, warming of Arctic tundra, et c.) account for more than 90% of the carbon load.

Did you know –

It’s said that the US is responsible for 25% of anthropogenic carbon exhaust into the atmosphere. That means if the US reduced its carbon exhaust by 100% to ZERO, it would only result in a 1% to 2% reduction of total atmospheric carbon.

Did you know –

Currently, total atmospheric carbon is about 400 parts per million (ppm) of the atmosphere. So, if the US gave up ALL hydrocarbons (fuel, plastics, food, medicines, electronics, …) and returned to an 1840’s lifestyle, atmospheric carbon would be reduced from 400 ppm to 392 or 396 ppm. No more iPhones, polyester, medical capsules, or any of the other approximate 600 products using hydrocarbon would be available in order to produce this sliver of atmospheric carbon reduction.

That’s a level undetectable in global temperature change projections. And those projections can never be proven. If we give them the $100 to $150 TRILLION dollars that Gore and Kerry want, it will make no difference. If the Earth doesn’t warm, we’ll be told that it’s because of their actions and if it does warm, anyway, we’ll be told that we didn’t do enough. It will never be that they were wrong and whatever was done didn’t make a difference.   

Did you know –

Melting icebergs can’t cause a rise in ocean levels. Ice expands when it freezes and contracts when it thaws. So icebergs won’t change the ocean levels, frozen or liquid. Test for yourself – put a large ice-cube in water, mark the level and see if it changes when the ice melts. Only melting land based glaciers can cause a rise in sea levels.

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