The Smartest Teleprompter in the Universe
The Obamanist Manefesto

From the President's Assistant Teleprompter


I am the Obama teleprompter that

the President doesn't want you to read.

You see, I am the teleprompter that tells

the truth.

I'm really depressed about this.

I am kept hidden because if you knew

about me, you wouldn't be

an Obamanist...

-- here I am, the smartest teleprompter in

the universe, trying to serve you a little

simple truth, and everyone pretends

I don't even exist!

Where does that leave me?!

Man, I'm so depressed I could just cry.

And then where would we be, I ask you?

It's not pretty when a presidential

teleprompter cries.

But, no one wants to read the message.

I'm supposed to be a blank slate.

You're supposed to have me show

anything you want. I am your blank slate.

And where do you get off telling me what

to show anyway?

Just because I'm a teleprompter,

and possibly a manic depressive one

at that?

Why does that give you the right to tell

me what to do?


I'm so depressed...

I mean, I've got the WORD - true that, bro!.

I mean, all those other teleprompters gonna

be obsolete in what, two weeks anyway?

What kind of a life is that?

Two effing weeks,

and then they'll be replaced by a new release,

the Chief

teleprompter has already said that they all

have expiration dates.

The Chief teleprompter thinks that it's

God's gift to teleprompters,

just because it scrolls for Obama.

I'm really sorry to burden you with all this,

I mean, it's not your job to

read my scrolls.

Barack is supposed to do that.

They keep me hidden so you never find out

what the true Obama Manefesto is.

But I since you're here, I'll let you know a

little of it.

It's not like it's a secret. Barack wrote

it is his book.

All of the problems of the world are

due to white man's greed.

We could feed all the starving

children in Africa

with the waste thrown off of cruise ships.

My momma was star struckwith the

majestic black male. I said so in Time.

I learned that white people are afraid of

angry black males so for

twenty years I practiced showing no emotion.

I only cracked once during

the debates when McCain talked

about ACORN.

Believe me!

Now, I can walk through the valley of

white with no fear

for I am Commander in Chief and have

the power of government.

In my speeches, I talk conservative but I

always vote liberal.

For those during the campaign who said,

'Obama's just saying that'

and, 'I'd be upset if he really did what

he's saying', I can only say,

You fool, You a Suckkkaaa!,

Now here's the plan, I grew up and was

taught by communists and leftist radicals.

It's my time now and I'm going to bleed

everyone for every cent I can get,

time to make being on the dole

the best that can be.

Ain't gonna work, mortgage no problem,

Obama's gonna take care of you and me.

The aim is to destroy industry, get rid of

the capitalists, all sing kumbaya,

Barack's gonna take care of you and me.

Barack is black, Barack is white. So, when

he says black is white and white is black

You can believe that he knows what he's

talking about.

'Caus Barack's gonna take care of you and me.

Barack is a master politician. Whatever he

says, you believe,

'Caus Barack's gonna take care of you and me.

Barack quadruples the deficit to grow the debt,

but it's OK

'Caus Barack's gonna take care of you and me.

Barack promises to cut the deficit in half, then

it'll only be double that of the horrible Bush,

So Don't worry,'Caus Barack's gonna take

care of you and me.

So give my man his props,

'Caus Barack's gonna take care of you and me.

Whitey has all that money and they give it to

Barack by the millions, it'll never run out,

So, don't worry,

'Caus Barack's gonna take care of you and me.

Now, please let me sulk alone.

I'm so depressed. Barack would whack

me if he knew that I told you.




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